Rotary Drum Screens (Internal Feed)

Rotary Drum Screens (Internal Feed)

Separation of zirconium beads
Separation of food waste

Optima have a range of Internal Fed Rotary Drum Screen sizes which we market under our RDS product range. The RDS machine consists of a rotating wedge wire drum with slots starting from 0.10mm up to 10mm which run down the length of the drum allowing for screening from inside to out.

This product is used for solid / water separation which usually consist of more dense particles that need to be removed from the effluent. The effluent enters the inside of the rotating drum through the feed inlet and then passing over the distribution weir on to the drum surface. The particles and water separate as the drum rotates with the solids staying on the screen and passing down the length of the drum helped by internal flights or a continuous scroll.

The solids will then discharge into a skip or other machinery for further treatment. The screened liquid travels through the drum before leaving through the liquid outlet at the bottom of the machine. The RDS machine also contains an external pressurised water spraying system to help keep the drum clean and avoid clogging.

Rotary Drum Screens (Internal Feed) Diagram

RDS - Rotary Drum Screens

Model Length
RDS 1 1321mm 749mm 1344mm 500mm 628mm 0.55
RDS 2 1781mm 890mm 1600mm 700mm 730mm 0.75
RDS 3 1962mm 1180mm 1740mm 900mm 1000mm 0.75
RDS 4 2266mm 1280mm 1950mm 1000mm 1225mm 1.5
TF 1 1926mm 760mm 1320mm 500mm 1000mm 0.55
TF 2 2155mm 970mm 1600mm 700mm 1200mm 0.75
TF 3 2540mm 1180mm 1740mm 900mm 1500mm 1.1
TF 4 2860mm 1280mm 1950mm 1000mm 1800mm 1.5
TF 5 3710mm 1280mm 1950mm 1000mm 2650mm 2.5
TF 6 5805mm 1532mm 2952mm 1210mm 4000mm 5.5