Q–Screen Unit (Static Run Down Screen)

Q–Screen Unit

Beetroot waste
Mushroom waste

Optima have a variety of Static Run Down Screen sizes which we market under our Q-Screen product range. The Q-Screen unit is a static screening component which consists of curved wedge wire panels with slots starting from 0.10mm up to 10mm. The wedge wire panels are fitted within a purpose designed stainless steel or carbon steel housing providing the screen feed head box, the screen underflow collector, the dewatered solids discharge chute and is supported on steel legs.

This product is used for solid / water separation, has no moving parts and is selfcleaning, hence the reduction in maintenance.

The effluent enters the Q-Screen unit via the feed inlet before passing over the feed distribution weir. The water passes through the wedge wire panels leaving the solids to collect on the surface of the wedge wire panel. The solids pass down the surface of the panel and build up over time before eventually falling off the solids discharge chute into a skip or other machinery for further treatment.

The screened liquid travels through the wedge wire panel before leaving through the liquid outlet at the bottom of the unit. The Q-Screen unit can also be fitted when necessary with a pressurised water spraying system to help keep the wedge wire panel clean and avoid clogging.

Q–Screen Unit Diagram


Model Length
18” * See Below 628mm 1173mm
30” * See Below 878mm 1526mm
48” * See Below 1197mm 2147mm
60” * See Below 1449mm 3058mm

* Note , lengths of all Q-Screen units are available from 500mm to 3000mm and are sized to suit your required flow rates.