Fruit waste
Separation of food waste

Optima have a variety of Compactor sizes which we market under our CP product range. The Compactor is mainly used following the pre screening of effluent to help reduce the moisture content within the dewatered solids. The compactor consists of a feed inlet, compaction trough cylinder, screw and compaction tube - all fitted within a stainless steel housing.

The dewatered solids enter the feed inlet and are conveyed by a screw through the wedge wire trough into the compaction cylinder. Liquid is squeezed out at this point which then leaves the compactor through the liquids discharge at the bottom of the machine. The dryer solids then work their way up the compaction tube before eventually falling out of the chute into a skip or other machinery for further treatment.

Compactors Diagram

Compactors (CP Range)

Model Length
CP140 2363mm 660mm 570mm 0.75
CX240 3086mm 568mm 770mm 2.2
CX300 3130mm 750mm 1310mm 5.5