The Clearotex (External Feed)

The Clearotex (External Feed)

Bakery waste water
Cattle market waste

Optima have an extensive range of External Fed Rotary Drum Screen sizes which we market under our Clearotex range. The Clearotex machine consists of a rotating spirally wound wedge wire drum with apertures starting from 0.10mm up to 10mm.

This product is used for fine solid / water separation which consist of floating or buoyant particles that need to be removed from the effluent. The particles are separated by sticking to the rotating drum which are then scraped from the surface of the wedge wire drum with a spring-loaded scraper blade. The solids then discharge into a skip or other machinery for further treatment.

The screened liquid however travels through the drum to the outlet passing through the drum twice which cleanses the drum before leaving through the liquid outlet at the bottom of the machine.

The Clearotex machine also has a pressurised water spraying system within the drum to help keep the drum clean and avoid clogging.

The Clearotex (External Feed) Diagram

CLEAROTEX - Rotary Drum Screens

Model Length
CX50 1069mm 1382mm 1333mm 624mm 500mm 1.1
CX100 1569mm 1382mm 1333mm 624mm 1000mm 1.1
CX150 2069mm 1382mm 1333mm 624mm 1500mm 1.1
CX220 2769mm 1382mm 1333mm 624mm 2200mm 1.1
CX300 3569mm 1382mm 1333mm 624mm 3000mm 1.1
CX400 4569mm 1382mm 1333mm 624mm 3960mm 1.2